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July 1st 10am-5pm

Merkaba Studio

15 Mills Street Cheltenham,

Victoria, 3192

- Discover the human energy field

- The interrelationship of the nervous system & energy system

- The varying layers & content of the human energy field

- How our energy state can manifest in our body

- 2x Integral Energetics sessions

Early Soul Investment 

(ends June 20th)


Investment from June 21st



Re | Connect.

77 Parkers Road, Parkdale VIC



Discover how you can support your overwhelmed nervous system with easy & implementable take home strategies. 

With Dr Kathryn, NetworkSpinal Chiro & Integral Energetics Practitioner for an afternoon of discovery.

You'll go home with ways to support yourself through all domains of wellbeing, physical, mental/emotional & spiritual.

$15, limited spaces available.


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