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chiropractic care,

for all domains of wellbeing

Let's start with a complimentary consultation (clinical history) with the chiropractor to see if we can help.

If not, we'll let you know who can.


Who We Help.

We support and guides you back to your best self through a holistic lens.

Stop being held back by your aches and pains, burdens of stress and past traumas. Free yourself with a life the way nature intended with flowing movement, vibrant energy, resilience and purpose.


NetworkSpinal (NSA or Network) is a unique Chiropractic technique that focuses on reducing stress and tension in your spinal cord and nervous system. The Activator & SOT methods are also utilised to support your nervous system and physical body. These modalities ensure your body & mind leaves each session feeling more easeful, aligned and grounded. 

Facilitates the reduction of stress, tension and pain by relaxing and balancing the nervous system and subtle energies. A balanced and integrated neuro-energetic system gives space for easier breathing, a fluid flexible spine, increased vitality, inner calmness, and a more conscious connection to the self, others and life.

Meet  —  

Dr Kathryn approaches client care from a holistic lens, looking at all domains of wellbeing; mental, emotional & physical. Dr Kathryn integrates gentle chiropractic care to support your body and nervous system in feeling and moving better. Her passion lies particularly in working with women who may be feeling overwhelmed and in pain.

"The shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine determines the shape, position, tension, and tone of your life."

- Dr Donny Epstein DC | Founder of NetworkSpinal 

Dr Kathryn


Dr Kathryn Theodosis


Inside North Road Chiropractic

1161 North Road, Oakleigh

0409 569 406 (sms prefered)

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