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About -
Dr Kathryn

Dr Kathryn has had a lifelong passion for chiropractic and the mind-body connection, stemming from her own chiropractic care since birth. Kathryn graduated from RMIT University, completing a Bachelor in Health Science, along with a Bachelor in Applied Science (Chiropractic).


Kathryn’s approach to care always stems from a holistic lens, looking at all domains of wellbeing, mental, emotional & physical. Kathryn works by incorporating a number of techniques, including, but not limited to the Activator, Blocks and Network Spinal, to assist you in achieving greater ease, connection and flexibility through your nervous system & body. Along with assisting clients with their physical discomforts, Kathryn also works with clients to build strategies and techniques to better manage their day to day stresses of life.


Attending various chiropractic seminars to ensure for continual clinical development, Dr Kathryn has also continued to expand her field of knowledge, having completed a further two years study in Integral Energetics. Dr Kathryn has a strong interest and focus on the body-mind connection and the effect mental, emotional, physical & spiritual stress can have on the nervous system. Kathryn regularly spends her time investigating natural and alternative holistic health care approaches to help keep you well.


Dr Kathryn feels privileged to be able to practice as a holistic chiropractor, serving those within her community and beyond, seeking to facilitate greater safety, connection and integration with her clients.

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