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Your Nervous System Loves Structure!

Although NetworkSpinal & Integral Energetics are great ways to help you to feel calmer, safer and more grounded there are so many ways you can support your nervous system and energy system in remaining relaxed in a parasympathetic state.

I know life can get crazy, but creating morning and evening rituals is an easy, but impactful way you can keep your nervous system calm. Creating consistent structure within start and end of your day helps to keep you in an easeful parasympathetic state. Here's why!

If you don't have a set morning ritual, you will find that your nervous system will likely start the day heightened and maybe even a little anxious. The reason for this is because it is trying to anticipate what is about to happen. By creating a consistent morning routine and ritual your nervous system will thank you. It means you wake up knowing how your day is starting dropping the need for your nervous system to begin contemplating the 1000's of things that it may be faced with. Instead, knowing that you will be practicing yoga, journalling, sitting outside with a cup of tea and then having a shower for example. It really doesn't have to be anything elaborate, it can be a few simple things that you do, consistently, every morning.

Equally, ending your day with a consistent ritual is important too! This ensures your nervous system is feeling calm and regulated, ready for sleep. This once again means your nervous system won't be trying to fall asleep in a heightened state. Bringing it back to the stability of your structured ritual means your nervous system will be feeling safe and comfortable within its familiar routine of the evening. It doesn't have to be overly complicated. In can be as simple as making a cup of tea, lighting a candle, reading 10 pages of a book and doing a body awareness meditation, then off to sleep.

Creating these rituals to begin and end your day means your nervous system is waking up to certainty and falling asleep to certainty. With certainty, comes safety.


Do you have a morning and evening ritual? If so let me know below in the comments. Remember, consistency is key. These morning and evening practices don't have to be long, they just need to be consistent!

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