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What Secrets Is Your Body Trying To Share?

Did you know that your body is in constant communication with you? All those sensations & symptoms that arise through the body are often its method of trying to convey a message to you. We are going to dive a little deeper into some of the common areas of tension and/or symptoms that we can find ourselves experiencing, along with their meaning. The more we can understand the language of the body and listen to what it is telling us, the less it has to scream to get our attention.

This is a rather big topic, so I won’t be able to cover every single symptom or sensation that you may experience, so if I miss a message you’ve been receiving from your body and you’d like to find out more, shoot me a message or a DM on insta and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Today we are going to discover the hidden messages of the head, neck and shoulders. Let know if you can relate to any of the messages hidden below.



The head, unsurprisingly, has a lot to do with the state of our mental body. You may notice discomfort through this area when you find yourself stuck in your thoughts, over thinking, with too much mental pressure. So when the head space is filled with chatter or you’ve been feeling generally overwhelmed, tension & headaches through the head & forehead can arise.

Tension through these areas can also show up here when we are taking on other peoples thoughts. Making choices based on other peoples values, rather than your own. Interestingly this can also show up in our pelvis and sacrum too, but we will touch on that another day.

Migraines & strong headaches through the eyes can be a sign that you are not allowing yourself to fulling engage with your emotional world. Playing the “I’m fine” card, in the hope that if you just keep pretending that things are ok, they will be ok.


The neck holds messages of trust, or rather lack thereof. Lack of trust in self or others can present itself as tension and rigidity through out the neck. It can also be an area signalling to you that you need to speak up & be heard, to tell your truth.

Tension through the lower neck, where it meets the shoulders, can be a sign that you are feeling and/or suppressing frustration and anger, ready to fight! This can translate down into the shoulder and arm. You may also be feeling as though you have to defend yourself from your surroundings or someone.


Does the phase ‘carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders’ sound familiar? Well that is exactly what your body may be feeling when you notice an increase in tension through the shoulders. Feeling as though your ‘to-do’ list keeps getting longer rather then shorter. It can also be linked to a sense of too much responsibility being placed on you, with not enough support from those around you.


Could you relate to any of the messages your body may be sharing with you? Did you discover a hidden message? The body is such an incredible wealth of wisdom, if we choose to listen. If we allow ourselves to remain present and aware, willing to not only listen, but act on what it is sharing with us our body will be sure to thank us. Dr K x

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