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What is the Lower Body Trying to Tell you?

Another week, another dive into the messages your body may be trying to share with you! Today we are going to uncover the wisdom held throughout the lower half of the body.

The bottom half of the body generally holds ties to our sense of stability around our most fundamental needs such as food, housing & financial stability, along with some other treasures!


The Low Back

The lower back, much like its role in the body is connected to support. When we are feeling unsupported, doing too much, or refuse to ask for help our lower back can be the part of our body that start calling out. The lower back also holds strong ties to your digestive system & reproductive system. When these systems are under stress, it can reflect in the level of tension or discomfort present throughout your low back.

The Hips & Pelvis

When dealing with discomfort through the hips it’s often a sign you are feeling frozen, unable to move forward into the uncertainty of the future. Often feeling held captive by past emotional pain around being mistreated or dishonoured. The hips and pelvis are also an area that can become bound when we start living in accordance to other peoples ideas of who we should be or what we should do. Intertwined with this is also our identity. Who we are, verses who we’ve been told to be or who we think we should be.

The Legs

Our legs are what keep us grounded and connected to the present moment. If our legs are feeling weak or constantly tired, it may be a signal from your body asking you to slow down & spend some time connecting back to the earth. When there is increased tension and pain through the lateral sides of the legs, this can be a sign that your nervous system is in a state of freeze, feeling caught out. Held stuck in a specific emotion or story of feeling like a victim.


There can be so much hidden in the messages of your body. Where you able to uncover any pockets of wisdom from the above? I can’t wait to hear what you may have discovered! Dr K x

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