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Integral Energetics, The Magic of The Subtleties

After discovering NetworkSpinal within the chiropractic paradigm my desire to continue my discovering and understanding of the energy field grew. As the universe ofter does, it guided me to a modality that offered just that, Integral Energetics.

What is Integral Energetics (IE)?

IE is a field of knowledge with many layers of wisdom. It facilitates the reduction of stress, tension and pain by relaxing and balancing the nervous system (NS) and subtle energies. Its aim is to improve the flexibility, adaptability, coherence, energy and stability of the NS. IE offers insight into the differing parts of the energetic field, their intelligences and how we can better resource from in infinite resources present within these layers.

“Look to the nervous system as the key to maximum health.”


How could IE help me?

A balanced and integrated neuro-energetic system gives space for easier breathing, a fluid flexible spine, increased vitality, inner calmness, and a more conscious connection to the self, others and life. The affects of IE is so vast. Working with both the physical body, but also resourcing from the energetic field.

IE helps to facilitate greater flexibility and adaptability through the nervous system, which allows us to be more resilient and less likely to switch on our sympathetic gear when we encounter life days to day stresses. As you journey through IE care (and NetworkSpinal) the level of coherence within your NS improves. Put simply this means that there is less noise and static within communication channels between the brain & body, and back. Less static, clearer communication! IE also facilitates greater stability, an important requirement within the nervous system. Stability within the NS means we can withstand more stress before it needs to engage the fight/flight response.

When the NS is communicating clearer, more stable, adaptable and flexible, it spends less energy having to sort through cloudy information or reacting to minor stress. This means that you are left with more energy!

Improving How Your Respond to Your Environment

One of the many wonderful things about IE is that your nervous system and energy system continues to improve in the way it communicates and responds to external (and internal) events or stresses. Just like with any skill, the longer you consistently incorporate this work into your self care routine, the better your nervous system responds to your environment.


Integral Energetics is a beautiful modality that helps support your nervous system and energy system. Its wisdom stems of many ancient principles, but also modern neuroscience. If you are interested in receiving this care, be sure to book in with Dr Kathryn.

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