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Glucose Goodness - Teachings from the Glucose Goddess

Do you feel sluggish after you eat your lunch or dinner? Waking up tired or constantly seeking snacks throughout the day? Feel like you’re ready to eat the whole pantry by the time 3pm hits? Struggling to loose those extra few kilos or do you feel your mood just isn’t quite right?

Well, it could be because of your glucose!

Our glucose levels and insulin levels play such a vital role in the effective functioning of our physiology. It goes beyond diabetes. It can affect your skin, your mood, your cognition, your longevity, headaches, PCOS, fertility, the list goes on. @GlucoseGoddess, Jessie Inchauspe talks all about it in her book Glucose Revolution. Today, I wanted to offer you some easy ways you can change how big of a glucose spike your body creates after you eat.

4 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Your Glucose Spike

Change the Order You Eat your Food Jessie Inchauspe @GlucoseGoddess By eating greens first, then your proteins/fats and finally your carbs, you can significantly reduce your glucose spike. That’s right! You don’t even have to change what you're eating to have an impact. By simply eating your food in this order, your body will thank you. A Tablespoon of Vinegar That’s right the humble vinegar can do more for you then add a zingy twist to your salad. Having a tablespoon of white, or any vinegar, in a glass of water up to 20min prior to your meals ensures your glucose levels don’t spike unnecessarily.

Pre Or Post Meal Movement

Ensuring you go for a 20 minute walk just before or after your meal will also help to keep your glucose levels from spiking. If you have a regular movement practice, whether it be at the gym or your local yoga/pilates studio, try and time your sessions with your meals to get maximal benefit when it comes to keeping your glucose levels low. Make Breakfast a Savoury One, Rich in Good Fats & Protein When we think breakfast we often think oats, toast, pancakes, fruit smoothies or cereal, but starting the day off with meals rich in carbohydrates or sugars (even if they are natural sugars from fruit) means we won’t stay as satiated as we could have. Starting our day with a more savoury meal, with eggs, avocado, greek yogurt, or grilled broccolini will help keep your full Jessie Inchauspe @GlucoseGoddess

till lunch time.


If you’re interested in learning more about how you can support your

glucose levels and howyour glucose levels impact your physiology, I would highly recommend ready Glucose Revolution. It is such an easy read well rounded read!

Dr K x

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